For the first time, the boat service of BKK will be running after the ‘Wagner Days’ performances: audience will be able to travel free

2018. June 06.

This year, for the first time, the BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport) boat service that serves Müpa Budapest will be running to a special timetable during the festival and will be available after the evening performances, as well. What is more, members of the audience will be eligible for free travel on the boat if they show their Wagner ticket.

Keep your ticket and add a pleasant, evening boat trip on the Danube to your unforgettable Wagner experience!


The special evening timetable of the BKK boat service between 7 June and 17 June, 2018:

  8, 10, 15
14, 17
7, 13, 16
Müpa - Nemzeti Színház H 9:25 pm 9:45 pm 10:40 pm
Boráros tér H (Petőfi híd) 9:38 pm 9:58 pm 10:53 pm
Szent Gellért tér M (Szabadság híd) 9:46 pm 10:06 pm 11:01 pm
Petőfi tér (Erzsébet híd) 9:55 pm 10:15 pm 11:10 pm
Várkert Bazár 9:59 pm 10:19 pm 11:14 pm
Batthyány tér M+H 10:09 pm 10:29 pm 11:24 pm
Kossuth Lajos tér M 10:14 pm 10:34 pm 11:29 pm
Jászai Mari tér (Margit híd) 10:23 pm 10:43 pm 11:38 pm