Müpa HD set for launch – Free screenings across the city

2017. November 08.

In a cooperation with its partners Müpa Budapest is launching an innovative new project: between 15 November 2017 and 23 June 2018, Müpa will hold free of charge screenings at various public locations, showcasing unforgettable programmes from recent years. 

Starting on 15 November Müpa HD welcomes the audience at 7 locations across the city including the Szabó Ervin Library and several colleges, with recordings of the celebration of Müpa’s 10th birthday. 

The audience will see special recordings of contemporary circus productions and contemporary dance performances, as well as classical and popular music concerts at the “Esernyős” Óbuda Cultural, Tourism and Information Point, the Szabó Ervin Library Music Collection, the Széchenyi István College, the Mathias Corvinus College, the ELTE Bolyai College, the Jesuit Roma College and the Protestant College of Higher Education.