Müpa Budapest's Virtual Concert Hall Has Been Reopened: Müpa Home Online Broadcasts Are Now Resuming

2020. November 13.

We believe that there are no limits to the Müpa Budapest experience. We would like, even during this extraordinary situation, for our fantastic audience to still be able to encounter the world's most outstanding and thrilling artists each evening – this time in their own homes. 


It is precisely for this reason that we have decided to unlock our media library for everyone over the weeks to come and – each night at the familiar times: 7 pm, 7.30 pm or 8 pm, depending on genre – open Müpa Budapest's virtual concert hall by providing access to many live concerts (although without an audience) or an unforgettable performance from past years, which we'll transmit on our website, our Facebook page and our YouTube channel

We trust that, in this way, we will be able to make the evenings you are spending at home more pleasant and full of magical and uplifting moments.

Take good care, and let's continue to stick together!