Bach for All Festival

Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday of 21 March will be celebrated by excellent musicians all over the world in the surrounding days: the international programme series ‘Bach in the Subways’ was launched in 2010 by New York cellist Dave Henderson. In addition to churches and concert halls, many public places and underpasses around the world will also resound with Bach’s timeless music. Müpa Budapest will be no exception: its five-day programme will be kicked off by Zsombor Tóth-Vajna’s mesmerising harpsichord concert on 20 March. The artist will play a selection of pieces by masters ranging from Froberger to Zachow, each of whom had a major influence on the young Bach. Two French suites and a selection from Volume 1 of Das wohltemperierte Klavier will be performed at a piano concert by János Bacsi and Csaba Nagy, former disciples of Jenő Jandó. 

Singer Laura Faragó, accompanied by Petra Varga on the organ, will sing some of the finest songs and arias from Bach’s Book of Songs by Anna Magdalena. In addition to musical instruments and singing, contemporary dance will also play a major role on the evening entitled ‘Bach meine Freude’: the choreographies will supplement the unity of the music and approach it from a somewhat different perspective. Last but not least, three talented young musicians, Éva Szalai pianist, Endre Tóth music historian (also as pianist) and Zoltán Onczay cellist, will perform some of Bach’s most popular pieces, in the form of chamber music and as solo performances. 

Join us, because Bach is for all!

Bach for All Festival and Bethesda Hospital Foundation will be collecting donations for Bethesda Children’s Hospital throughout the event, for a new medical ventilator. After the concerts, please place your donation into the boxes you will find at the venue, or transfer your contribution to a bank account created for this purpose.

More information on the festivals website.

Thank you for your kind contribution in advance!