Hey, June!

If you thought you knew and loved the artists who are going to perform at this year’s Hey, June! festival, you’ll be surprised and you’ll love them even more after these concerts. Müpa Budapest’s inaugural summer pop music festival offers a special opportunity for bands to put on performances, regarding both sound and scene, that cannot be performed in such ways elsewhere. Everyone prepares for the Müpa Budapest concerts with great efforts, new ideas and special surprises so it is no exaggeration that the evenings of the Hey, June! festival always bring one-time, unique experiences.

DJ Bootsie reorchestrated the favourite songs of his twenty-year career so that the audience can discover those aspects of his music that may have remained hidden so far. With a two-hour colourful and colossal gig the Jazzékiel looks back upon the past fifteen years and their three albums with almost all of their contributors appearing on the stage of Müpa Budapest. The big city milieu is brought to life at the concert by Benedek Szabó & Galaxisok, reinterpreting well-known songs and treating the audience to several new ones. The multitalented Sena, who has proven herself in several genres with remarkable success, now enters the stage of the Festival Theatre with her very own ensemble, the Sena Live Band. The Amorf Ördögök, whose name translates to "Amorphous Devils”, invited guest performers worthy of the gig’s importance: the Honvéd Male Choir. Bori Péterfy and her bandmates perform many of their songs – including their biggest hits – in a way that surely cannot be heard anywhere else.

Hey, June! is much more that one of the many summer festivals: a unique opportunity for musicians to perform and demonstrate the lesser known treasures of their personalities.