New Orleans Swingfestival

Kicking off its second decade this year, the New Orleans Swingfestival shows audiences fresh colours and new moods of swing year after year. Once again, the late-summer concerts will offer surprises and novelties as swing, consistently popular since its emergence in the 1930s, continues to inspire musicians to this day.

The main attractions of the 2015 New Orleans Swingfestival will be three ladies who, while entirely different, all have something unique and special to give to swing, a genre of jazz they hold close to their hearts. The outstandingly talented actress-singer Erika Náray will sing a whole series of world hits, with her very own Hungarian lyrics. Gabi Szűcs and her band will perform swing versions of Amy Winehouse’s greatest hits in the company of her special guest, world-renown Hungarian blues guitarist and singer Little G Weevil. The concert scheduled for the closing day of the festival promises to be especially fun, and will feature Catherine Russell, a leading performer of the American jazz scene, invited by the Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band, now celebrating its 30th anniversary. Could there be a better way to say goodbye to summer?