European Mantra
29 September 2019, Sunday
It would be an impossible task to classify the music of European Mantra within a single genre: their songs contain traces of pop, blues, metal and even funk. Even so, their sound doesn't merely meander between genres, and their aim is not to combine various styles, but to use music to create a complex and intense emotional world. The band was envisioned 18 years ago by Gergő Borlai as a means of bringing to audiences what he calls his 'untraditional' musical ideas. Guitarist Péter Lukács is Borlai's co-composer and producer. Filling out the sound is EmeRTon Award-winning keyboardist János Nagy, while bass guitarist Tamás Barabás complements the exceptional rhythm section.

The band rarely gives concerts since Gergő Borlai has been living in Los Angeles for years playing with world-famous stars. But whenever he can, he returns to Hungary to play with his friends and dazzle Hungarian audiences. On this evening, the band will introduce its newest album which was inspired by Gergő Borlai's musical experiences in America. This will be the kind of concert with far more notes than a single concert can contain. Make no mistake - it's really possible. If you're familiar with the band, then you already know, and if you're not: here's your chance to get a taste of music beyond comprehension.


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  • 2. oldal / 9



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