Gyula Babos: Makrokozmosz
10 December 2014, Wednesday
The universe of 65-year-old Gyula Babos is constantly expanding. Its founding pillars are his characteristic compositions and their pulsing, harmonies and melodies. Initially most deeply influenced rock rhythms, he has since gone exploring in the realms of mainstream jazz, blues, Gypsy folk music, as well as Indian and classical music. Whatever he does, the thrill of improvisation and spirit of positive risk-taking always comes through. He was always an ensemble player collecting around him bandmates representing the older and younger generations and everything in between, musicians who spoke a language similar to his and who dared to experiment in order for their music to soar with joy. In Gyula Babos's Makrokozmosz, a completely new constellation will come into being, since the celebrated guitarist will be taking the stage of the Festival Theatre with a line-up that is entirely different from those of Babos Projektek and Ba-Lan-cE. For his final Jazz Workshop of the year, Babos will be presenting for the appreciative crowd brand-new and masterful works prepared for the occasion with his two seasoned woodwind colleagues, saxophonist and flautist Gábor Winan and trumpeter Kornél Fekete-Kovács, as well as with György Orbán, one of the most sought-after upright bassists in Hungary, and the exceptionally talented drummer Tamás Czirják, who is still completing his studies. As Babos himself says, they are each of them self-assured innovators in whom he sees reflected the entire attitude characteristic of his own romantic spirit, which is open to all the beauty of Hungary's cultural treasures. As a separate delicacy serving as an opening act, the line-up of Mónika 'Nika' Veres, Norbert Kardos, Tibor Fonay and László Balogh - dubbing themselves the "Babos Gang” will be paying their respects in the first part of the concert. They are Babos's favourite young bandmates, and their talent is opening up more and more doors for them.


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