11 June 2014, Wednesday
Part of the first wave of bands launched by MR2-Petőfi Rádió, Kaukázus was formed in 2002 in Tatabánya. Success did not fall immediately into the group's lap, they had to work hard for it, completing three albums' worth of material and uploading it onto the internet before achieving a serious breakthrough. Pairing socially and environmentally aware lyrics with guitar music rooted in the British alternative scene, the band gradually found its own voice and became one of the strongest hit-makers in the field, thanks to tracks such as Szalai Éva, Tesco, Tartós béke and Lift.

In 2008, the band played more than 120 concerts across the country, from the smallest provincial clubs to the biggest festivals; thinking people of all ages, from teenagers to middle-aged fans, were struck by the precise observations of János Kardos-Horváth and the irresistibly catchy beats and themes of the songs. Unfortunately, the pressure and strained tempo of success took its toll and the group broke up in January 2010. Kardos-Horváth embarked on a solo career, releasing a children's record before forming the band Kákettők. The others - Máriusz Fodor, Gábor Fűrész and Miklós Toldi - resurrected Magashegyi Underground, the twin band the Kaukázus members earlier put on hold, and continued to maintian its previously attained heights.

Happily, however, time healed the wounds as the band reformed for the 2013 festival season and its members have been working on new material since its successful return. And what could crown their comeback better than to present their new songs on stage at Müpa Budapest.
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