Rozina Pátkai and Minka
17 January 2018, Wednesday
She first created a sensation with her experiments with electronic music, and later on with her drawings, collages and photos. On this evening, her electronic music production ‘Minka' will be mounted on the stage for the first time. Along with her recently formed ensemble, the vocalist will again be setting out on new paths: singing works by Hungarian poets as she reinterprets the genre of setting poetry to music. Her chamber trio is likewise comprised of musicians with an experimental attitude: boasting János Ávéd on saxophone, its guitarist, István Tóth, is a familiar figure from Bea Palya's band, among other ensembles, and also won a special prize at the Montreux Guitar Competition. Also joining the trio are two guests artists: cellist Ditta Rohmann, one of the best known performers in the Hungarian classical music world today, and András Dés, among the country's most frequently employed percussionists. And in order to make the concert into an unforgettable audiovisual artistic experience, the music will be accompanied throughout by video of a compilation of graphic artworks by Pátkai, who is also a nonconformist when it comes to the fine arts.


  • Cyrille Aimée

    Festival Theatre