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  • a production by Müpa Budapest and Recirquel

    The Naked Clown, a production by the Recirquel Contemporary Circus Company, the featured guest performer of the Cultura Nova Festival was met with astounding success in front of an international audience.

    Interrupting its Hungarian tour, the company set off to triumph at one of Holland’s most prestigious cultural festivals with the English-language version of its show, The Naked Clown, a joint production with Müpa Budapest. They were to be the highlight of the festival, since Cultura Nova based its entire image around this production, with its poster campaign in and around the town featuring the Hungarian company. Similarly to their resounding successes in Müpa Budapest, as well as in several theatres outside of Budapest and abroad, the Hungarian artists also received a standing ovation in Holland.

  • Palace of Arts is casting dancers and actors for its show The Naked Clown to premiere on 28 March 2014. Performed by the Recirquel new circus company and directed by Bence Vági, the production will premiere at the Budapest Spring Festival to go on at the Palace of Arts.