18 years and countless shared memories

2023. March 14.

Two decades ago, the idea that in place of the abandoned freight depot one day there would be a buzzing cultural centre, where, night after night, hundreds and thousands of people would arrive for entertainment and recreation was just a pipe dream. Today, however, the iconic Müpa building is an essential part of the southern Danube River coastal landscape.

And what better way to commemorate our 18th birthday than to release 18 exclusive concert recordings that will be accessible for 18 days? We were fortunate enough to witness the first professional steps of numerous now widely celebrated artists through our Discoveries series, which grew and evolved alongside the building. In celebration of our illustrious anniversary, we are delighted to share these memorable concerts from our very own Müpa Studio archives. Join us as we relive performances by István Várdai, Kristóf Baráti, Máté Szűcs, Mihály Berecz, István Kohán and János Palojtay, among others.


Let’s celebrate together!