Müpa Film Club

Being Woody Allen

Müpa Budapest Film Club's new series, Being Woody Allen, is a compelling selection of the actor-writer-director's work. Eighteen films. That's something. Although, when you consider that this is less than a third of Woody Allen's film output... Incredible. When did he even sleep? (I'm sure he would have a joke to make about the connection between insomnia and narcolepsy.) In 1950, he entered the world of moving pictures as a television writer. By going through his films, we not only get to know him, but also – through his work and performances – how the world has changed over seven decades. Woody Allen is a strange comedian. There is a strong cultural-artistic tradition in his jokes, sayings and quips. But to make us feel a little less stunned and inadequate, he quickly helps us out of our predicament with a joke. To make us laugh. To make us understand. The rest is desire, love, affection... Life and death. (But he has a joke for that too.)