Unique Müpa Budapest Gift Collection

Müpa Budapest offers a new range of gifts in its collection, representing the creative image and the visual elements of the building. 

Apart form the usual branded personal items, such as umbrellas, postcards, fridge magnets, pencils, erasers, notepads, mugs, mobile phone cases, coasters, badges and ski pass holders, our range also includes designer jewelry made from concrete, as well as designer bags, wallets and jewelry from recycled banners and paper.

The assortment of the first 30 products is available in the VINCE bookshop inside the Müpa Budapest building. The range is continuously expanded with CDs and DVDs of various performances, to be sold in the Rózsavölgyi CD store.

Müpa Budapest book

Art and architecture in images

Müpa Budapest has released a publication that is unique even by international standards, documenting the first decade of the institution. The exclusive publication is a series of special historical snapshots, recounting the story of the building’s birth, memorable moments from performances and guest book entries by artists who performed at Müpa Budapest over the years, accompanied by photos, interviews and essays. It serves as a scrapbook for those who participated in the construction of the building, those created the thousands of productions, and of course for the audience. Through the photo-essays, the reader is allowed to take a peek behind the scenes and see how the institution operates and comes to life; see backstage images of artists preparing and entering the stage and how a performance begins.  

The exclusive publication is also accompanied by 3 CDs that contain excerpts of memorable Müpa Budapest performances, showcasing the most diverse musical genres, with performers such as Laurie Anderson, Avishai Cohen, Joyce DiDonato, Marianne Faithfull, Philippe Herreweghe, Félix Lajkó, László Polgár, Sir Simon Rattle, Béla Szakcsi Lakatos or Ramón Vargas. 

The book is available to buy at the Vince Bookstore located in the Müpa Budapest building or at the Libri stores, at a price of HUF 9,900.