Müpa Budapest playlists on Spotify and Deezer

2016. October 20.

As of October, music lovers can now also find Müpa Budapest on Spotify and Deezer. Our collections available on the two online music platforms feature the very best performers and melodies in a diverse range of genres.

Spotify currently features classical, jazzy or world music compilations and we, of course, have not forgotten about the children either. In the future, our Spotify playlists will showcase music by performers taking to the stage in the given week at Müpa Budapest. 

Our Deezer compilations also offer classical and folk music, jazz, opera and music for children, featuring the very best in each genre. Our monthly Deezer playlists will showcase music by the artists who will be performing in the given month at Müpa Budapest. 

Let our playlists help present to you the outstanding musicians that will be performing at Müpa Budapest. Tune in to us!