Müpa Home broadcasts temporarily only available on the mupa.hu website and on YouTube

2020. November 20.

We would like to inform you that, for an indefinite period, Müpa Home's online broadcasts will only be available on our website and on YouTube, as we have suspended streaming on Facebook. 

The reason for this change is because the social media site has recently been regularly halting our broadcasts while mistakenly and misleadingly citing infringements of copyright and publishing rights, although of course we pay careful attention to such matters for all of our streamed performances. Several of our international partner institutions have also been confronted with these same troublesome procedures on the social media platform, but we hope that, by working together, we will succeed in preventing this from happening again. Unfortunately, however, in spite of our complaints, nothing has changed so far, and so we have decided to suspend our broadcasts on this interface until the situation is remedied – since continuous shutdowns could even result in the deletion of our Facebook page and the loss of our online community, something we would certainly like to avoid.

Nevertheless, the mupa.hu and YouTube interfaces will continue to deliver you the Müpa Budapest experience as a place for our audience to gather, and the quality of the video and audio is possibly also higher here than on Facebook. Don’t miss out on anything: sign up for our YouTube channel or request notifications regarding our upcoming online broadcasts on this page, and we will email you the details on the day of the concert!

Thank you for your understanding!