Bartók Spring International Arts Weeks at Müpa Budapest

Launched in the spring of 2021, on the 140th anniversary of the birth of Béla Bartók, the world-famous Hungarian composer, the Bartók Spring International Arts Weeks is a unique event series dedicated to the arts. While offering insights into his fascinating oeuvre, the festival does not restrict itself to the work of the composer, and seeks instead to represent Bartók’s spirit, creativity and outlook in countless genres, from contemporary classical music through world music, jazz and dance to visual art and pop music – the creations of the best international and Hungarian artists.

The event series seeks, in cooperation with Hungarian and European partner institutions, to make Hungary an even more attractive destination for cultural tourism in the coming years. Presented by Müpa Budapest, the Bartók Spring is hoped to gradually grow into a national, even regional, event series, which engages other major institutions of culture and cities to offer a programme that is as rich and colourful as possible.

For more programme visit the website of the festival.