Bridging Europe Festival: 2015 Austria

Austria in focus at the Bridging Europe Festival

When all the summer festivals have come to an end and the memory of the summer holidays is beginning to fade, we have one last chance to get away in early autumn – and there's no need to even leave Budapest. This year's edition of Bridging Europe, the joint festival from Müpa and the Budapest Festival Orchestra, serves up the cultural delights of Austria to all those wishing to get to know this neighbouring country beyond the goldfish bowl of the Mozart cult. The quality of the classical music programme is guaranteed by Iván Fischer, but those more interested in Austiran literature, film, popular music and jazz will also find plenty of interest. All that is Austrian under one roof. Krisztián Gergye and Gloria Benedikt have a special dance production in store for the festival, and the line-up also includes the Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio, the Soap & Skin Ensemble, PHACE and Gunar Letzbor. The Literarium series will also be enriched with a Thomas Bernhard evening.