Social media policies

The Müpa Budapest’s social media channels serve to inform and entertain the audience. We encourage everyone to make comments and actively participate in the online dialogue. However, comments of the following nature will be immediately deleted:

  • Comments that are defamatory, abusive, slanderous, hateful, harassing, threatful or obscene;
  • Comments that target others’ political, religious or sexual persuasion; 
  • Comments that infringe copyrights and intellectual property rights;
  • Comments that are illegal or incite to unlawful acts;
  • Comments that are dishonest, misleading or deceptive;
  • Comments that include images and/or sounds that are sexually or otherwise offensive;
  • Comments that contain unsolicited content, or interfere with the proper functioning of the page.

Please also note that the Mupa Budapest has the right to highlight or re-post on its social media channels such content that is shared on its social media pages (such as comments, questions, images, videos).

We attempt to answer all questions as soon as possible, but suggest that you first seek information relating to ticket purchases and events contact our colleagues at