Müpa cinema

French Custard

French cinema is incredibly rich, and it would be impossible for us to give a comprehensive picture of it. It wouldn't even be simple a matter to present a single year, since last year France produced around 300 feature-length films. Ever since the country's first paid film screening on 28 December 1895, French cinema has been a key part of world film culture. What does this entail? Films, directors, actors, festivals and a nurturing of an understanding of motion pictures. The French Custard series picks from the crème de la crème of French films from the 1960s to the 21st century. It will make for a unique dessert for those who like to have a look behind the films and who are interested in the periods and ideas that inspire their creators. In 2015, 35.5% of French viewers exhibited a curiosity in their own country's films. Perhaps because they consider them important. Hopefully the Müpa Cinema's autumn series will show that they are important to us, as well.