Recirquel’s new production, Paradisum explores the myth of rebirth following the silence of a destroyed world, where the means of communication is the body, and the only common language is movement. The creatures of this idyllic existence unfold from the ever-changing, swirling natural forces of the ‘fabric of life’ that pulsates around them, so they can reach the anima mundi, the world soul, through scenes of purification, birth, awakening and ritual.

Directed and choreographed by Bence Vági, the production explores the new possibilities of cirque danse, a genre that combines contemporary dance and circus, in search of an ethereal language of movement that expresses the concerns of humanity. After My Land (2018), which drew on the power of the motherland, Solus Amor (2020), which told of love across time and space, and IMA (2022) evoked the creative power of silence, in Paradisum, the new being is organically formed from the ‘fabric of life’ that weaves the world dominated by nature, who has no memories, pains and beliefs, and whose movements are instinctive.