Punnany Massif
29 December 2016, Thursday
Over the last decade, Punnany Massif has attracted a broad following with its unique blend of sounds mixed according to a unique formula. Today, this combination, constructed around acoustic instruments with a band playing hip-pop sung in Hungarian and melding funk-rock, folk music and electronica, has grown from an exotic curiosity to become one of the key trends in Hungarian music. In 2016, the guys have taken a kind of sabbatical leave, and released a new album after a break of three years. Then they turned right around and headed straight back to the studio. The final step in this process was a programme created expressly for concert halls. The audience can expect to hear variations of familiar favourites broken down into their individual elements and then re-accoutred and re-assembled to create previously unheard and seemingly spontaneously composed new numbers, and perhaps the most sincere expression of the Punnany sound so far.


  • Cyrille Aimée

    Festival Theatre