Müpa+ membership programme registration

Loyalty levels and operation


From registration


500 point

  • case-by-case discount ticket purchase
  • performances for double membership point
  • 10% shopping discount at the Vince Bookstore
  • 10% discount in the restaurant section of the P'Art Café and Bistro for a group of up to 4 people
  • 7% shopping discount at the Rózsavölgyi CD store
  • 7% shopping discount at the Musical Instrument Store
  • access to the sound and video recordings on the website
  • regular e-mail updates about offers and opportunities related to the loyalty programme in Hungarian
  • overview of your points, prior purchases and data in your account on the website
  • reminder by e-mail about the upcoming show for which you purchased a ticket
  • Hall to hall – guided tour of Müpa Budapest, free of charge, once a year
  • one-off offers for each loyalty level
  • 5% ticket discount
  • advance season ticket purchase
  • advance ticket purchase for the next season (not including the Metropolitan broadcasts)
  • Színeink (Our colours) – Müpa in pictures for members
  • OrganExpedition – free visit to the organ
  • one-off offers for each loyalty level


1500 points


3500 points

  • 10% ticket discount
  • advance purchase for Metropolitan broadcasts
  • advance purchase for individual premium shows
  • shortlist for sold-out concerts
  • guided tours at the Ludwig Museum
  • OrganExpedition Extra
  • one-off offers for each loyalty level
  • 15% ticket discount
  • parking in Platinum parking spaces on floor -1 of the underground car park (after registration, for a limited number of individuals and for not more than one show a day) for ticket-based performances and Müpa+ events
  • admission to the Mastercard Champagne Bar (for a welcome drink and a special selection of food and beverages)
  • visit to individual dress rehearsals
  • invitation to post-premiere parties
  • opportunity to appear as a Platinum level member in the season publication of the Müpa+ membership programme
  • Behind the scenes
  • one-off offers for each loyalty level

The way Müpa+ works
Müpa+ General Terms and Conditions of Participation

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