A short guide to the Müpa+ membership programme


  • Participation is free but admission is subject to registration.
  • The program is only available to natural persons above 18 years.
  • Information required for registration: name, email address, residence, year of birth, telephone number (preferably mobile), preferred genres and password (to log in to the website).
  • To join in, you must also sign up for the newsletter and accept the Data Protection Guide and the Terms and Conditions of the Müpa+ membership programme.
  • Members are entitled to use the Müpa+ membership card. You can request your membership card in person at our ticket offices or from our information desk staff. The card must be presented when making purchases at ticket offices, or when claiming discounts or attending programmes.
  • If you applied in person by filling out the registration form, you will receive confirmation of your successful registration via email, after which you may create a password to log in to the website.
  • Members who join via the Internet can, after successfully completing the registration process, view information related to the membership programme on their personal subpage by opening the Membership programme menu item on the website.
  • The e-mail address provided at the time of joining the programme is the most authentic and important channel of communication, so it is only possible to change it later by sending a request to the e-mail address


  • The program aims at the collection of membership points to reach various discount levels.
  • Upon the purchase of a ticket or season ticket for our own shows, after each 100 Forints spent, we shall credit 1 point to the membership card of the participants.
  • To do this, you only have to present your membership card when shopping in person or logging in when shopping online.
  • Membership points will only be awarded for Müpa Budapest’s own productions and for the programmes of the Bartók Spring International Arts Weeks and the Liszt Fest International Cultural Festival, after purchasing a maximum of 8 tickets per performance. (Performances organised by Müpa Budapest are those for which Müpa Budapest is listed as the presenter on the website.) Information about the number of membership points issued per performance can be found on the website under the ‘Buy Tickets’ button.
  • You will also get membership points for buying Müpa Budapest gift certificates.
  • The more points you collect, the higher membership programme level (Silver, Gold, Platinum) you can reach. Each subsequent level includes the services of the previous ones.
  • With your successful registration, you are immediately placed on the first (basic) level of the membership programme and may move up to the Silver level after gathering 500 points.
  • You can use all services and discounts on each level for 380 days (=365+15 gift days) after you reached it, unless you move up to a higher discount level sooner.
  • Upon reaching the point limit of a given level, the points corresponding to the point limit in question will automatically be deducted. If you change levels within 380 days, we shall only deduct the difference between the two limits.
  • If you stay on the same discount level for 380 days, on the last day you will move to the highest possible discount level for the next 380 days, according to your available membership points. The points of such level will be deducted from your points collected over the past 380 days.
  • The services of the highest, Platinum level are provided for a period of 12 months (365+15 days) from attainment. After 380 days, level members are placed at the highest membership level possible afforded by their current point balance. By collecting and redeeming 3,500 points, the following 380 days they can again enjoy the benefits of the Platinum level.
  • You will receive an e-mail notice of points redeemed or changes in discount levels within 24 hours. You can use all discounts and services on the new level after receipt of the e-mail notice.
  • Participants can access information on their own Membership programme status, including services available for their membership level, their point collection log, registration for Membership programme events, and the current double membership point awarding offers, at any time under the Membership menu point of the website.
    Information on the most recent and current Membership programme offers and events is sent in the personalised Müpa newsletter.

Scope and services of memberhsip levels

Base level, from admission to 499 points

  • case-by-case discount ticket purchase: you will get the newsletter about the offer and the conditions of registration
  • double membership point offers: shows where ticket purchases earn Customers double membership points for a given period can be viewed on a dedicated page under the Membership programme menu point.
  • 10% shopping discount at the Vince Bookstore: Present your Müpa+ membership card for all products, except promotions, available in the store.
  • 10% discount in the restaurant section of the P'Art Café and Bistro for a group of up to 4 people: By presenting your Müpa+ card, you are entitled to a 10% discount of the restaurant services of the P'Art Café and Bistro. The discount may be used for up to 4 people per card. The discount is only valid in the restaurant (Bistro) section and is invalid in the Café section.
  • 7% shopping discount at the Rózsavölgyi CD store: Members of the Müpa+ membership programme are given a 7% discount in all stores of Líra Publishing House. Present your Müpa+membership  card to use your discount in the store inside Müpa Budapest. When making a purchase at any Líra Bookstore, present your Müpa+ membership card for a free Líra membership card.
  • 7% purchase discount at the Ethnosound Musical Instrument Store: Present your Müpa+ membership card to redeem the discount for all products, except promotional products, available at the store.
  • access to the sound and video recordings on the website: All you have to do is log in, and browse the Multimedia menu to listen to full length recordings. 
  • regular e-mail updates about offers and opportunities related to the loyalty programme: Müpa+ e-mails contain special, personalised information as well; please review them carefully. This way, you are also receiving the newsletter communication of Müpa that is intended for the general public. By cancelling their newsletter subscription, Customers forfeit any future promotional offers and information on the complimentary events of the membership programme. In case of the cancellation of the newsletter subscription, only automatic notices in connection with points and changes in level shall be received; these can only be avoided by exiting the membership programme. 
  • management of your data, review of your points and prior purchases on the website: when you visit, always start by logging in. After logging in, click on your name or the Membership menu to review all events related to your membership program membership
  • Hall to hall – guided tour of Müpa Budapest, free of charge: Your Müpa+ membership entitles you to take part free of charge (for 1 person, i.e. the card-holder) in the programme which introduces the Müpa Budapest building to the public, to which Müpa Budapest charges a participation fee. You can register in advance for the program, for the times and dates published on the website. You must present your Müpa+ membership card to be admitted.

Silver level: over 500 points

  • 5% ticket discount: for tickets for the own shows of Müpa Budapest (4 tickets per show)
  • programme guides sent by post (on request): after registration for mailing, you will get the quarterly programme guide at your address
  • advance season ticket purchase: once a year, before season ticket sales to the general public
  • advance ticket purchase for the next season (not including the Metropolitan broadcasts): after the season ticket sales period, tickets for the next season are first only available to members at least on the Silver membership programme level.
  • programme guides sent by post (on request): after registration for mailing, you will get the quarterly programme guides delivered by post to your address. You can request or cancel delivery by clicking on the “Request programme guide” button on the dedicated Müpa+ page.
  • Our Colours – Müpa snapshots for Membership programme members: closed - private events with programs announced in advance. One guest may be invited to the event.
  • OrganExpedition – Introduction to the Müpa organ, free of charge: Your Müpa+ membership entitles you to take part free of charge (for 1 person, i.e. the card-holder) in the programme which introduces the Müpa Budapest organ to the public, to which Müpa Budapest charges a participation fee. You can register in advance for the programme, for the times and dates published on the website. You must present your Müpa+ membership card to be admitted.

Gold level: over 1,500 points

  • 10% ticket discount: for tickets for the own shows of Müpa Budapest (4 tickets per show)
  • advance purchase for Metropolitan broadcasts: tickets for Metropolitan broadcasts in the following season are available to members of the Membership program on at least the Gold level 
  • advance purchase for individual premium shows: a one-day advance purchase option for outstanding shows scheduled during the season, available to members of the Membership program on at least the Gold level
  • shortlist for sold-out concerts: log in to the website and use the registration option for tickets that may have been cancelled. You will be notified by the ticket office over the phone in the order of registration.
  • Guided tour at the Ludwig Museum: free of charge guided tour at a current exhibition at the Ludwig Museum, on two occasions every season and subject to advance registration.
  • OrganExpedition Extra: an exclusive visit for small groups inside the Müpa Budapest organ, subject to registration, once a year

Platinum level: over 3,500 points

  • 15% ticket discount: for tickets for the own shows of Müpa Budapest (4 tickets per show) 
  • parking in Platinum parking spaces on Level –1 of the underground garage (subject to registration, in limited numbers) during performances and Müpa+ events attended with tickets: registration for Platinum parking spaces on level -1 of the underground garage is possible on the subpage of the given event. For Platinum level ticket holders, the reservation button appears 30 days before the event, and may be used up until 23:59 on the day before the given event, subject to availability. The parking spaces offering extremely convenient entry and exit are available in limited numbers (20 spaces) and can be used in order of registration.

    Exceptions to this are days when due to closed - private events – also affecting the parking lot – parking spaces are not available or with regard to the specific nature of the given event, Müpa Budapest decides on the availability of Platinum parking spaces as part of an individual procedure, which takes the nature of the given event into consideration. To drive in, take the right-side ramp of the underground garage to Level -1 (or to drive out after the concert, the exit lane), where the number plate recognition device will identify the number plate registered and open the gate. The registered number plate is displayed at the selected parking space, showing which parking space is reserved for which vehicle. 

    Should you wish to change the number plate registered on the day of the performance, you must submit your request at least 2 hours before the start of performance to the email address or at our central telephone number at +36 1 555 3000. 
    You can change the number plate on the website until the day before the subject day.
  • admission to the Mastercard Champagne Bar (for a welcome drink and a special selection of food and beverages): Adult visitors who have reached the platinum level of the Müpa+ membership programme are entitled, together with one guest and any accompanying children under the age of 18, to enter the Mastercard Champagne Bar on the Panorama Terrace on the 3rd floor of the Müpa Budapest building during opening hours, which are from 5 pm on the days of evening performances until the end of the first intermission, by presenting their Müpa+ card.

    Upon entering the Mastercard Champagne Bar, they receive a coupon (maximum number: one per day) that they can then redeem for a glass of champagne or a non-alcoholic drink for each member of the party.

    As the capacity of the Mastercard Champagne Bar is limited, in the case of our most popular programmes, in order to ensure that our guests can enjoy themselves comfortably and in full compliance with fire safety regulations, the staff may restrict further entry when the maximum capacity is reached.

    Our visitors to the Mastercard Champagne Bar also get the opportunity to pre-order without queuing. Prior to the start of the performance, they can order refreshments of their choice for the intermission. At the break, they will find the pre-purchased food and beverages in the Atrium on the ground floor, laid out on a table corresponding to the number on the receipt given to them upon payment. This service is only available during performances that are paused for an intermission.
  • visit to dress rehearsals: invitation (with registration) to a private dress rehearsal of one of Müpa Budapest’s own shows.
  • special invitation for private events: members who have reached Platina level and seen the show may receive invitations to back-stage events associated with our own programmes; participation is subject to advance registration.
  • opportunity to appear as a Platinum-level member in the season publication of the Müpa+ membership program: In recognition of their loyalty, members who have reached Platinum level are presented in our season ticket guide with their consent.
  • Behind the scenes: backstage visits for small groups, where you can visit Müpa Budapest’s workshops guided by experts working of the particular area.

Each subsequent level shall include the services of the previous ones.

Ticket discount of each level is valid for 4 tickets per show and only for the own shows of Müpa Budapest. Percentage ticket discount on each level cannot be combined or used to buy a discount season ticket or Müpa gift voucher.

Information concerning the availability of discounts and the crediting of membership points is shown on the page of every show on the website, immediately under the Purchase Ticket button.

Discounts in the Membership programme cannot be combined with other promotional offers of Müpa Budapest.

To use the following services, you must register in advance on the website:

  • all activities organized for membership programme members
  • Platinum parking spaces in the garage
  • shortlist for cancelled tickets for sold-out concerts
  • programme guides sent by post
  • appearance in the seasonal publication as a Platinum level sponsor
  • dedicated gifts

A given card may not be used by more than two people for activities on the various levels. To register, go to the Membership programme menu. Entry to Müpa+ events (for participants who have registered in advance) is free of charge. You must present your Müpa+ membership card to be admitted. 
Parking during Müpa+ events incurs a parking fee (with the exception of Platinum parking spaces).

The detailed rules of participation and operation are set out in the General Terms and Conditions of Participation of the Müpa+ membership programme.