Müpa Budapest Nonprofit Kft. Müpa+ membership programme - General Terms and Conditions of Participations


The Müpa+ membership programme (hereinafter: Membership programme) is only available to natural persons of age (hereinafter: Customer) but not to legal persons or companies without legal personality.

The Müpa+ membership programme is available to Customers of any nationality who meet the above requirements.

Application for the Müpa+ membership card is free of charge.

The Membership programme covers all purchases at the following locations, subject to presentation of the Müpa+ membership card or use of the virtual membership card:

  • at all permanent and temporary ticket offices of Müpa Budapest;
  • on the website:

1. Accepting the General Terms and Conditions:

The Customer acknowledges that he/she has become familiar with and accepted these Terms and Conditions of joining the Müpa+ membership programme. These Terms and Conditions are available at the information desk of Müpa Budapest, any temporary ticket office of Müpa Budapest and on the website (by clicking on the Membership menu).

By joining the Membership programme, the Customer authorizes Müpa Budapest to manage his/her personal data for the Membership programme, in the manner detailed in the separate data protection statement. The data protection statement is available at the information desk of Müpa Budapest, any temporary ticket office of Müpa Budapest and on the website (by clicking on the Data Protection menu).

2. Subject

These provisions define the Terms and Conditions of participating in the Membership programme.

Pursuant to these General Terms and Conditions, the Membership programme aims to offer benefits to Membership card holders and to provide them with the discounts and services detailed in the prevailing Membership programme guide. (Hereinafter jointly: “Membership programme services”).

The Müpa+ membership card does not in any case qualify as a method of payment.

3. Foundations of the Müpa+ membership programme

3.1 Joining the Müpa+ membership programme

Upon joining the Membership programme, Customers shall supply the following information:

  • full name (last name, first name), year of birth, residence, e-mail address, telephone number and favourite genres.

Customers may join the Müpa+ membership programme in any of the following ways:

  • Customers may join in person at the information desk of Müpa Budapest or in any ticket office of Müpa Budapest by filling in the form available on the premises. Customers receive their final and individual Müpa+ membership card at the end of the registration process. Membership cards shall be activated as of the date of registration.
  • Another way to join is by filling in the electronic form within the Membership menu on the website. Members joining via the internet will automatically hold a virtual membership card by receiving their digital card number by email after accepting the statements and may use such card by saving its number on their telephones and presenting it at any ticket office when making any purchase.
  • Customers joining via the internet who also require a tangible card may request one in person at any ticket office of Müpa Budapest. After receipt of the Müpa+ card, the number on the card shall also be valid for log-in.

3.2 Practical Terms and Conditions

In the case of a natural person Customer, the card shall be intended for personal use. Family members with the same mailing address may hold multiple cards.

The provision of information regarding the operation, services and events of the Müpa+ membership programme takes place via newsletter; consequently, registration for the Müpa newsletter is a condition of joining. This way, the Customer also receives the newsletter communication of Müpa that is intended for the general public. By cancelling their newsletter subscription, the Customer acknowledges that they shall forfeit any future promotional offers and information on the complimentary events of the Membership programme, as a result of which the Customer is not entitled to make any claim for damages. 
In case of the cancellation of the newsletter subscription, only automatic notices in connection with points and changes in level shall be received; these can only be avoided by exiting the Membership programme. 

3.2 Rights of Müpa Budapest upon non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the Membership programme

Customers may be held solely liable for the truth of data they have provided, including the consequences of erroneous, incomplete and obsolete data. Incomplete, illegible or erased data shall be refused within the Membership programme.

Müpa Budapest reserves the right to verify compliance with these General Terms and Conditions of the Müpa+ membership programme. In the event of non-compliance, Müpa Budapest reserves the right to suspend or invalidate any ongoing or pending benefit to the Customer or to deactivate the Customer’s Membership card and to permanently terminate the Customer’s membership.

3.4 Leaving the Membeship programme

Customers may terminate their Membership programme registration at any time, by deleting it in the Membership menu or in person by filling in the relevant form at Müpa Budapest ticket offices or information desk, as well as via a written statement sent to

4. Ways to acquire membership points

4.1 Calculation and collection of points

To receive credit for points collected during the Customer’s purchases:

Müpa+ membership card holders must present their cards each time at any ticket office to credit their points generated by their purchases.

Customers leaving their card at home may request any ticket office to credit their membership points for the purchase after checking all natural identification data (name, e-mail, address, telephone).

The amount of purchases before the creation of the Müpa+ membership card shall be ignored.

Points shall be gathered as follows:

  • 1 membership point shall be credited for each HUF 100 spent on a maximum of 8 tickets or season tickets for any of the shows directed by Müpa Budapest. (Shows directed by Müpa are those events where the website lists Müpa as the Director.)
    Based on individual offers, membership points may be collected in accordance with unique terms and conditions set forth in the given offer, and/or in increased numbers. 
  • Similarly, 1 membership point shall be credited for each HUF 100 spent on a Müpa Budapest gift certificate, after the sum total purchased.
  • If the recipient of the gift is also a member of the Müpa+ membership programme (and is different from the Customer), he/she shall have 1 membership point credited for each HUF 100 spent on the tickets or season tickets purchased with the gift certificate.

The Customer’s points shall not have a commercial value and may not be transferred or inherited.
No points or Membership programme services may be purchased directly for money.

4.2 Crediting and displaying points

Points collected by any purchase in person shall be credited immediately but no later than 3 business days after such purchase.

Points for any online ticket purchase shall immediately appear in the Cart and be credited after the transaction is finished.

Customers shall receive a notice by email of their points credited for both personal and online purchases, including their current point balance.

Müpa+ membership card holders may learn the number of their points at any time, outside the email notice:

With a simple question at the nearest Müpa Budapest ticket office or at the information desk.
Logged-in Customers on their personal page within

Customers shall receive an email notice of their change of levels for their membership points within 24 hours. Ticket discounts provided by the newly reached level may be used in transactions after the notice. Similarly, services on each new level may be used after such notice.

4.3 Point validity

All membership points remain valid until redeemed when reaching the point limit (the amount of points needed to advance) of the next level. Membership points not used to advance to the given level remain valid until redeemed upon switching to a subsequent level. 

Membership points are only deleted automatically (thus losing validity) when leaving the Membership programme.

5. Services related to accession to the Membership programme

5.1 Rules of using points acquired within the Membership programme

By entering the programme, Customers reach the Basic Level of the membership programme. Customers shall remain on this level until they collect 500 points, as required to advance to the Silver level, or until they decide to quit the membership programme, or if Müpa terminates their membership due to their breach of these general terms and conditions.

The collected points shall provide access to the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels and their respective discount and service packages. Services and discounts on each level shall be available for 380 days (=365+15 gift days) after the level was reached. If a Customer reaches the next level sooner according to his/her points, the relevant services shall be available for 380 days after the level was reached.

Where a Customer reaches the point limit of a higher level, the required membership points shall be automatically redeemed and the collection of points required for the next level shall resume. (Membership points in excess of the number of points necessary for the acquisition of a given level shall continue to remain available). Where a Customer collects the points required for the next level within 380 days of reaching of a given level, only the difference between the two levels shall be redeemed.

Based on individual offers, membership points may be used differently, pursuant to the terms and conditions defined in the offer.

5.2 By joining the Müpa+ membership programme, the Customer shall enjoy the following benefits:

From admission to 499 points

  • case-by-case discount ticket purchase
  • performances for double membership point
  • 10% shopping discount at the Vince Bookstore
  • 10% discount in the restaurant section of the P'Art Café and Bistro for a group of up to 4 people
  • 7% shopping discount at the Rózsavölgyi CD store
  • 7% shopping discount at the Musical Instrument Store
  • access to the sound and video recordings on the website
  • regular e-mail updates about offers and opportunities related to the loyalty programme 
  • overview of your points, prior purchases and data in your account on the website
  • reminder by e-mail about the upcoming show for which you purchased a ticket
  • Hall to hall – guided tour of Müpa Budapest, free of charge, once a year
  • one-off offers for each loyalty level

Silver level: over 500 points

  • 5% ticket discount
  • advance season ticket purchase
  • advance ticket purchase for the next season (not including the Metropolitan broadcasts)
  • programme guide sent by post (on request)
  • Színeink (Our colours) – Müpa in pictures for members
  • OrganExpedition – free visit to the organ, once a year
  • one-off offers for each loyalty level

Gold level: over 1,500 points

  • 10% ticket discount
  • advance purchase for Metropolitan broadcasts
  • advance purchase for individual premium shows
  • shortlist for sold-out concerts
  • guided tours at the Ludwig Museum
  • OrganExpedition Extra
  • one-off offers for each loyalty level

Platinum level: over 3,500 points

  • 15% ticket discount
  • parking in Platinum parking spaces on floor -1 of the underground car park (after registration, for a limited number of individuals and for not more than one show a day) for ticket-based performances and Müpa+ events 
  • visit to individual dress rehearsals
  • participation on professional days
  • invitation to exclusive events
  • opportunity to appear as a Platinum level member in the season publication of the Müpa+ membership programme
  • Behind the scenes
  • one-off offers for each loyalty level

Each subsequent level shall include the services of the previous ones. (Percentage ticket discounts on each level may not be combined).

Ticket discounts in each package shall be valid for 4 tickets per show, only for the own shows of Müpa Budapest.

Percentage ticket discounts on each level shall not apply to any season ticket or Müpa gift voucher purchase.
Special activities on individual levels shall be available to no more than two persons per card.

These discounts may not be combined with each other or any other discount of Müpa Budapest.

5.3 The following services in individual packages shall be subject to pre-registration on the website:

  • all activities organized for members;
  • Platinum parking spaces in the garage;
  • shortlist for cancelled tickets for sold-out concerts;
  • publications sent by post;
  • appearance in the seasonal publication as a Platinum level sponsor;
  • dedicated gifts.

6. Obligations

6.1 Obligations of the Customer

Müpa+ membership cards shall be individual and non-transferable. Customers shall hold sole liability for their membership cards and commit to using them pursuant to these Terms and Conditions. Customers shall hold sole liability for using their cards and electronic profiles.

Customer obligations shall include but not limited to (incomplete list):

  • applying for only one Müpa+ membership card
  • guaranteeing to Müpa Budapest the accuracy of information provided upon joining the Membership programme,
  • ensuring that the their contact data communicated to Müpa Budapest (mailing address, e-mail, etc.) are secure and only used by the membership card holder,
  • indemnifying Müpa Budapest against any unauthorized third party use of the Customer’s benefits within the Membership programme,
  • informing Müpa Budapest of any unauthorized use of the membership card mailbox, any breach of the security and confidentiality of identification data via the contact channels described in article 8.1.

The Customer acknowledges that any unlawful use of the membership card, as judged by Müpa Budapest, may result in:

  • the deactivation of the Müpa+ membership card,
  • the cancellation or suspension of the Membership programme.

6.2 Rights and obligations of Müpa Budapest

Müpa Budapest commits to treating all information acquired within the Membership programme pursuant to the provisions of the prevailing Data Protection laws and regulations and the Data Protection statement (

Müpa Budapest commits to using its best efforts to provide Customers with the optimal use of the Services associated with their membership cards.

By joining the Müpa+ membership programme, the Customer accepts the technical limitations of using the internet and other (e.g. telephone) networks (Membership programme server response time, connection interruption risks, and all general data transmission risks).

In all cases, Müpa Budapest shall not be liable for the following (incomplete list):

  • Any defective network operation which prevents the proper operation of the website,
  • any data loss,
  • any software malfunction,
  • consequences of any information technology virus, malfunction or defect.

Müpa Budapest may forward the personal information of its Customers to an external service provider for administrative reasons. Such service providers shall be located inside the European Union.

7. Notices

7.1 Changes in personal data:

Any change in the full name (last and first name), address, e-mail address, indicated telephone number or any other data shall be communicated as quickly as possible:

  • In person at the information desk of Müpa Budapest or any ticket office of Müpa Budapest,
  • On the Customer’s personal page within,
  • By email to

Müpa Budapest reminds Customers that they shall be liable for the accuracy of all information provided and solely liable for any damage caused by erroneous, incomplete or obsolete data.

7.2 What to do about lost and/or stolen membership cards:

Card holders shall notify Müpa Budapest of the loss and/or theft of their membership cards as soon as possible.  Where a card is lost and/or stolen or replaced the old number shall be invalidated and replaced by a new card with the corresponding number, provided that the Customer personally proves his/her identity with the natural data supplied on registration.

The card holder shall retain all previously accumulated points and other benefits.

8. Misleading use of the card/Card abuse

The card shall be revoked for any breach of these General Terms and Conditions or any abuse by the card holder or any third party.

Membership points obtained by breaching these General Terms and Conditions or any unlawful or abusive use shall be deleted.

9. Alteration or termination of the Müpa+ membership programme

Cards shall remain valid throughout the Membership programme. Müpa Budapest may alter or terminate the system of the Membership programme at any time without justifying its decision or being liable to compensate for any resulting damage.

Müpa Budapest may alter the conditions of acquiring points without justifying its decision or being liable to compensate for any resulting damage.

Müpa Budapest may alter these General Participating Conditions at any time without prior notice to the Customer, and the Customer shall accept such alteration without reservations. The General Terms and Conditions are available under the Membership programme menu point at

10. Severability

Where one or more provisions of the General Terms and Conditions are null and void due to the application of a law or regulation or the binding decision of a competent court, the remaining provisions shall remain in force and valid. Müpa Budapest shall use its best efforts as soon as possible to replace such provision with another binding and valid provision that is closest to the spirit of these Terms and Conditions.

The fact that either Party did not demand, whether permanently or temporarily, the application of any point of these Terms and Conditions, shall in no way mean surrendering such point.

11. Applicable law / Legal disputes

In the territory of the Republic of Hungary, pursuant to prevailing Hungarian laws.