Frequently asked questions and information about ticket refunds (2020/2021)


In light of the pandemic situation, I do not wish to visit Müpa Budapest. Can I return my ticket / season ticket?

Yes. You can use the online interfaces below to claim a refund (in the case of a season ticket, you can exchange the tickets for individual performances listed on the season ticket):

TICKET REFUNDS      Season Ticket Refunds

I am unable to find the performance for which I purchased a ticket on the online form. Why is this?

The reason for this could be that you are attempting to seek a refund for a ticket purchased for a performance that was not organised by Müpa Budapest itself. Only tickets for Müpa Budapest's own productions can be entered in our registration interface. For information on requesting refunds for tickets for hosted performances, meaning ones that Müpa Budapest has not organised itself, please contact the organiser of the performance. If you do not know who the organiser of the performance is, please consult our website: the organiser of the event will be listed at the bottom of the programme for the performance. If it is a performance organised by Müpa Budapest itself that you are unable to find on the refund page's scroll-down menu, the reason for this might be that we have not yet added the performances for that month. We are updating these gradually. Please, continue to check our website until they appear!

Is it possible to return season tickets / claim partial refunds for season tickets?

It is not possible to return entire season tickets. However, if any of the subscription performance are cancelled, or if based on your own decision or medical condition you do not wish to visit Müpa Budapest, you may claim a refund for the ticket for the subscription performance. We have created an online interface specifically for the purpose of facilitating this process for our season ticket purchasers. You can find it by clicking here. Performances taking place after October will be entered into the system gradually, in parallel with the opening of ticket sales for the given performance. 

What shall I do if a performance from a season ticket I purchased for the 2020/21 season has been cancelled?
In this case, you may request a partial refund for the cancelled portion of the season ticket in the manner described above. You may request a refund for the cancelled subscription performance by filling out the online form no later than 30 days after the originally scheduled date of the performance. 

How can I find out what the price to be refunded for the ticket included in my season ticket is? 

As every performance falls into a different price category, we have again created a table of the sums applicable to each performance to make it easier to see how much you will be refunded. The table shows the ticket prices for the productions that have been held, and the sum to be reimbursed.


I purchased a 2020/21 season ticket and would like to return one of the tickets. However, all I have is a voucher, which I have not yet redeemed for a season ticket card. What shall I do in this case?

In this case – but only in the event that you have not yet taken receipt of the season ticket – instead of entering the season ticket code in the relevant field on the interface, please enter the voucher code.

Is there any chance that a cancelled concert might be held later? Because if so, I would prefer not to return my ticket. 

Müpa Budapest is doing everything in its power to ensure that as many cancelled productions as possible will take place later on. However, our ability to do so depends on both the overall international health situation and the schedules of the artists involved for the upcoming year. We recommend that you return your tickets. In the following cases, tickets purchased previously for the following performances will automatically be valid for the reschedule date listed.
- Schumann: Genoveva - 16 November 2020 resceduled for 24 May 2021
If you nevertheless decide that you would like to return your individually purchased ticket for the performances above, you may do so up until the day of the performance.

Should I provide my bank card number or my bank account number?

In order to provide refunds for the price of tickets, we require a bank account number in all cases. In our experience so far, most errors in registering refund requests take place when entering the bank account number, as in many cases our purchasers mistakenly enter their bank card numbers instead of their bank account numbers. Please note that you must provide the details of a current account held at a bank as we are not able to transfer funds to a web account or subsidiary bank account.

Can ticket refunds also be sent back to accounts held at foreign banks? 

Yes, you can. Please register yout ticket or season ticket refund request on our interface. If you have any questions, contact our staff directly at

I have not yet received my refund. When can I expect the transfer to be made?

Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. If someone registers on two or more dates, we refund the sum in two or more transactions. Processing the information and refunding the prices of the tickets and season tickets is a time-consuming operation, so we thank you for your patience. Please only contact us to indicate that you have not received your refund if the full sum does not appear on your bank account within one month after registering the request. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

After I've registered my season ticket code in the season ticket returns interface in order to claim a refund for the price of one of the performances, how can I see the other performances on the season tickets and what is the procedure for exchanging it?

This is a somewhat lengthy procedure that requires more time. 
The procedure for returning the various season tickets differs by type, and this is why we ask you to always carefully read the email sent after you claim the refund. This is because in the message we send to the email address that you provided in your registration, we will inform you of the procedure – using either your previous season ticket or the tickets we sent you – for attending the remaining performances on the season ticket:
- When your return your season ticket, both it and your season ticket code lost their validity, and afterwards you can attend the remaining performances on the season tickets by presenting the individual tickets (E-tickets) sent in the email. In addition, in the email, we will send you a cancellation invoice that applies to the entire season ticket and new invoices for each of the issued individual tickets. 
- After the return is made, your previously exchanged season ticket remains valid for the remaining performances listed on it, and only loses validity for the performance registered in the return. In this case, we will send a corrective invoice for the amount of the portion of the season ticket to be refunded and transfer the price of the cancelled performance back to the bank account number provided.

What is the latest I can register a request for a ticket refund?

If an event that Müpa Budapest has organised itself is cancelled, the prices of the tickets can be refunded within a 30-day limitation period from the date of the cancelled performance, on the web page set up for refunding tickets.
If holders of a ticket or season ticket are unable to take part in an event owing to flu-like illness or the suspicion that they have been infected by the virus, or because, in light of the pandemic situation and based on their own decision, they do not wish to visit Müpa Budapest and they have no means of transferring the ticket to another person, temporarily during the duration of the pandemic, visitors may return their tickets up until the day of the performance on our online interface.

How will I know that my registration was successful?

After filling out the registration form, please click on the "Submit" button. The email we have sent you to confirm your registration shows the details you provided in your registration.

Will you also refund the handling charge and/or convenience fee that was incurred when I purchased the tickets?

No. The convenience fees and handling charges are incurred from the use of our resale partners' sales systems, in exchange for the use of their ticket sales services. These fees therefore do not comprise part of the ticket price, and we are unfortunately unable to refund them. Please only enter the price of the ticket on the registration interface!