Frequently asked questions and information about ticket refunds (2020/2021)


I am unable to find the performance for which I purchased a ticket on the online form. Why is this?
If you wish to claim a refund for a tickets or season tickets to concerts that were cancelled last season, please contact With regards to tickets to events not organised by Müpa Budapest, please contact the event organiser.

Should I provide my bank card number or my bank account number?
In order to provide refunds for the price of tickets, we require a bank account number in all cases. In our experience so far, most errors in registering refund requests take place when entering the bank account number, as in many cases our purchasers mistakenly enter their bank card numbers instead of their bank account numbers. Please note that you must provide the details of a current account held at a bank as we are not able to transfer funds to a web account or subsidiary bank account. 

I purchased tickets with a SZÉP card. What is the process for issuing refunds?
The sum paid for tickets using Széchenyi Leisure (SZÉP) cards is transferred back to the SZÉP card used to make the purchase. The sum not paid with the SZÉP card is transferred to the bank account number provided during registration.

Can ticket/season ticket refunds also be sent back to accounts held at foreign banks?
If possible, we request that you provide details to an account opened and used at Hungarian financial institution. If you only have a foreign bank account, please register using this link. If you should have any further questions, please contact our colleagues at the email address.

I have not yet received my refund. When can I expect the transfer to be made?
Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. If someone registers on two or more dates, we refund the sum in two or more transactions. Processing the information and refunding the prices of the tickets and season tickets is a time-consuming operation, so we thank you for your patience.  Please only contact us to indicate that you have not received your refund if the full sum does not appear on your bank account within 90 days after registering the request. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

What is the latest I can register a request for a ticket refund?
If an event organised by Müpa Budapest itself is cancelled, refunds for tickets/season tickets can be requested via our interface created expressly for this purpose for up to 30 days after the original date of the event or the end of the state of emergency.   In the event of a change of programme or performer, you are able to register for a refund up until the start time of the concert.

The amount of my refund was not transferred to my bank account by the deadline indicated on the corrective invoice sent to my e-mail address. Why is this?
The fulfilment and payment deadlines indicated on the corrective invoice is different from the date that the amount is being sent because the increased number of refunds owed for cancelled performances means that more time is required for financial processing. The fulfilment date is simply the date when the refund for the ticket or season ticket was issued. The transfer itself can only take place later, after the group transfer orders have been prepared. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

How will I know that my registration was successful?
After filling out the registration form, please click on the "Send" button. The email we have sent you to confirm your registration shows the details you provided in your registration.

Will you also refund the handling charge and/or convenience fee that was incurred when I purchased the tickets?
No. The convenience fees and handling charges are incurred from the use of our resale partners' sales systems, in exchange for the use of their ticket sales services.  These fees therefore do not comprise part of the ticket price, and we are unfortunately unable to refund them. Please only enter the price of the ticket/season ticket on the registration interface!


Season ticket refunds
As every performance falls into a different price category, we have created a table of the sums applicable to each performance to make it easier to see how much you will be refunded. The table shows the ticket prices for the productions that have been held.

Orchestra Box I. category ticket price II. category ticket price III. category ticket price IV. category ticket price V. category ticket price
24 September 2022
Iván Fischer and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
12 445 HUF 9 945 HUF 7 625 HUF 5 535 HUF 3 855 HUF
16 January 2023
Andris Nelsons and the Vienna Philharmonic
19 165 HUF 16 665 HUF 12 425 HUF 9 215 HUF 5 135 HUF
29 March 2023
Daniele Gatti and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra
10 845 HUF 8 345 HUF 6 825 HUF 5 215 HUF 3 055 HUF
8 May 2023
Riccardo Chailly and the Filarmonica della Scala
12 445 HUF 9 945 HUF 7 625 HUF 5 535 HUF 3 855 HUF
Season ticket price 54 900 HUF 44 900 HUF 34 500 HUF 25 500 HUF 15 900 HUF