Budapest International Choral Celebration

23-25 May 2015

For the first time, Müpa Budapest will play host to an international choral festival, which will be the largest of its kind so far, running over several days. The idea and basis for the event was provided by the Énekel az ország (The Country is Singing) project, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and each year gives several hundred amateur singers the chance to perform major oratorical works. The event turns international this year: more than a thousand singers from four continents will perform in the auditorium of Müpa. The series of events centres around the joy of singing in unison, with concerts by domestic and international choirs joined by workshops and interactive children's programmes, and we hope to also inspire the audience to break into song in various ways.

Featured choirs: Nyíregyháza Cantemus Mixed Choir and Children’s Choir (HUN), Cotton Club Singers (HUN), Astana Philharmonic Chamber Choir (KAZ), Astrolabium (POL), Chilli da Mur (AUT), Choeur la Grâce (COD), Damenes Aften (NOR), Ensemble Thios Omilos (D), Jason Max Ferdinand Singers (USA), Rajaton (FIN), Vokalna Akademija Ljubljana Male Choir (SLO)