Season ticket refunds

Dear Patron,

It was with great joy, after careful preparation and with strict safety measures in place, that we embarked on the 2020/21 season, which has already bestowed numerous memorable moments on us thus far. Sadly, however, we will have to do without the personal meetings for a time: pursuant to the decision of the Hungarian government and in light of the pandemic situation, Müpa Budapest will remain closed until 31 January 2021. For information concerning the productions scheduled for the subsequent period, please visit our website again later on.

You may claim refunds for tickets in the established fashion, by filling out the online form listed below on the website already set up specifically for this purpose. (You can return tickets that are not part of season tickets by clicking here.) 

How does the process for getting refunds for tickets to subscription performances work?

Upon receiving your request, we issue a cancellation invoice for the total amount of the season ticket, as is required in such a case. We then print tickets for the upcoming performances on the season ticket, with the price reduced by the amount of the subscription discount, and send these together with an invoice for each performance. Finally, we send the tickets and their related invoices to the email address entered when the refund was requested and transfer the price of the ticket for the cancelled performance back to the bank account number provided.

Do you have any questions? We have collected the most frequently asked questions about ticket refunds.


Check the table below for the sums to be refunded

As every performance falls into a different price category, we have again created a table of the sums applicable to each performance to make it easier to see how much you will be refunded. The table shows the ticket prices for the productions that have been held, and the sum to be reimbursed.

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