Budapest Wagner Days 2022

For Wagner fans – and not just Hungarian ones – June is simply not June without Müpa Budapest. The world-famous Budapest Wagner Days event series offers a condensed confrontation with ourselves, for no matter how strange the mythical heroes, medieval lovers, master singers and Grail knights may be, they portray our most personal desires and fears, along with our individual capacity for both greatness and pettiness. When Wagner set his stories in "timeless times" it was really the evolving capitalism of the 19th century – and of course, since his works are eternal, our own time as well – that he was talking about. This year, we will get to enjoy another encounter with Müpa Budapest's legendary Ring, hear a song recital by René Pape and even see a concert performance of Rienzi, which predates the genesis of the "Bayreuth ten". If we were only to mention one name from the list of artists involved with the festival, it could only be that of the artistic director and wonderful conductor Ádám Fischer.