Müpa Budapest season tickets 2019/20

There will be no shortage of superstars, internationally-renowned orchestras and exciting productions in the 2019/20 season. In some good news, the artist and ensemble of the season have been given their own season ticket, bringing the number of season tickets available to visitors to 15. The Orchestra Box will once again have highly-revered orchestras and major conductors follow one another, giving audiences the opportunity to compare how, for instance, the Berlin Philharmonics and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra play Mahler. Our Soloists and Orchestras series have piano virtuoso Rudolf Buchbinder perform with the Staatskapelle Dresden, while Tonhalle Orchester Zürich take to the stage alongside clarinetist Martin Fröst. The Vocal Chords season ticket offers, among many others, versatile Mexican-French tenor Rolando Villazón as well as Waltraud Meier, while the Musical Stage will feature numerous wonderful productions, including Rameau’s Dardanus.

No year is complete without Festivals and Oratorios, this year with an Advent event added to the usual three concerts. This season’s Chamber Treasures will uncover jewels such as Musikfabrik Köln or Olga Pashchenko, while the Artists of the Season grants access to exceptional performances by Péter Eötvös and the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra, including their joint concert. Of course, we again showcase the very best of Early Music this year, while the Wagner season ticket will no doubt awe audiences with the updated Ring Tetralogy. This year will again see the Senior’s Season feature veritable delicacies, and Discoveries and Rising Stars showcase the diversity of up-and-coming young talents, while the Organ season ticket will amaze audiences with an authentic orthodox Christmas experience. Thanks to our Opera Workshop series, young people don’t go empty handed either, getting an in-depth look at, among others, Beethoven.

The ticket prices of season tickets will be available, on average, with a 20% discount.


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Season tickets for the 2019/20 season available for purchase

Season ticket price: 17 900 HUF, 30 600 HUF, 40 500 HUF, 52 500 HUF, 62 900 HUF

Season ticket price: 13 100 HUF, 21 400 HUF, 28 600 HUF, 37 400 HUF, 46 200 HUF

Season ticket price: 13 800 HUF, 19 900 HUF, 26 900 HUF, 35 700 HUF, 46 100 HUF

Season ticket price: 14 400 HUF, 20 200 HUF, 28 500 HUF, 37 300 HUF, 48 500 HUF

Season ticket price: 6 000 HUF

Season ticket price: 9 000 HUF, 11 500 HUF, 14 600 HUF, 18 900 HUF, 25 300 HUF

Season ticket price: 7 900 HUF, 12 800 HUF, 16 700 HUF, 22 100 HUF

Season ticket price: 7 400 HUF, 10 200 HUF, 12 500 HUF, 15 700 HUF

Season ticket price: 9 000 HUF, 12 500 HUF, 16 600 HUF, 22 200 HUF, 29 400 HUF

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Season ticket price: 9 500 HUF, 11 800 HUF, 14 700 HUF

Season ticket price: 22 400 HUF, 41 300 HUF, 53 900 HUF, 69 900 HUF, 79 900 HUF

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Season ticket price: 7 400 HUF, 10 800 HUF, 13 400 HUF, 17 000 HUF, 21 800 HUF

Season ticket price: 5 100 HUF

Season ticket price: 5 100 HUF

Season ticket price: 8 000 HUF

Offering unique and special discounts, this season ticket is available on a limited basis and can be purchased exclusively at Müpa Budapest box offices, subject to presenting your pensioner certificate. One season ticket may be purchased per card, and no other discounts apply. These season tickets are not for specific seats, but can be used to obtain seat tickets one hour prior to the start of the given performance, at the box office inside Müpa Budapest. You must present your pensioner certificate upon the purchase of this season ticket, at the box office when using the season ticket to obtain your seat ticket, as well as upon admission to the concert hall.